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Me and a Tree Skin Care

Bright Eyes & Face Unisex Day Cream with Zinc

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Best Natural Organic Eye Wrinkle Cream For Women

Bright Eyes & Face Unisex Day Cream with Zinc. 30ml. 

One of our most popular all-in-one moisture protection and integrated cell vitalizing serum face creams.  Infused with a synergistic blend of potent gentle botanical flowers, herbs, and unadulterated pure floral hydrosols. If you're are seeking a gentle skin-balancing moisturizer that will stabilize your oil output and dry parts naturally- this is it. May be used for sensitive as well as combination skin (Dry & Oily). We scientifically formulate our day & night creams using skin-balancing oils such as Avocado, Borage, Evening Primrose & more. Our natural formula will help bring your skins natural luster and elasticity while helping to fight premature aging & sunspots naturally. Preserved with an eco cert preservative. 

Additional info: Infused with vitamins, and skin-enriching emollients that help rejuvenate, nourish, balance and refresh your facial skin. Added are potent life-giving phytonutrients (plant extracts) like Carrot Seed Oil, Tamanu, and Vit E to help with redness and line defense, Evening Primrose Oil and Borage Flower, (both known to be the highest in GLA), Green tea Extract, Jojoba, CoQ-10 along with other natural plant ingredients and pure essential oils make this an excellent skin enriching blend that restores your skins natural balance.  Non-Nano Particle Zinc Oxide is a natural broad-spectrum sunscreen mineral. Safely used for generations to shield against the harmful effects of the sun. Bright Eyes and Face Unisex Daytime Line Defense Cream

We use a BPA-free airless container for all of our face creams to ensure no contamination of oxygenation takes place (which breaks down ingredients over time). Airless containers leave your skincare ingredients potent, fresh, and available to help you look radiant and beautiful every time.


  *Sensitive to normal skin. Helpful for Rosacea acne, eczema and wrinkles and more. Pure essential oils UV PROTECTION SPF

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